Eye Catching Images for Social Media


Which image below captures your eye?
1 or 2


Great images and videos should be EYE CATCHING

According to Forbes, “91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based or static media.”
If you want people to interact, engage and share your brand then present your content in a well thought out format that is unique to your business.

Here are 3 Easy Tips to Consider When Creating EYE CATCHING Content:
1. Engage your audience with comparisons.
People like seeing different scenarios and sharing their opinions on a subject.
For example: Which kitchen do you like better - A or B? This causes interaction and will help build a sense of community on your page.
2. Make your message unique.
Try to share relevant information that your audience is looking to see from you. If a topic is trending, feel free to share it but use your own unique “twist".
3. Change the type of graphic you create. 

It is important to keep a consistent message but be creative with how you showcase your content. If you have a green theme on your feed, use different types images to get your message across while sticking to your brand and colors.


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