It Pays to DIY

Krystal and I are a DIY couple and we constantly have different projects going on. Over the past year we've had a lot of DIY Wedding and apartment decorations and gifts. Soon we will be having a lot of home and yard projects in the spring. Crafts, Arts, Renovations, Gardening, you name it, we have found a website that you can get the best return on your money. Learn how it pays to DIY.


Below is a list of Partner Stores with that allow you to earn Cashback on all eligible purchases. Just by simply using this shopping hub as your starting place when doing your projects, you can save thousands of dollars this year! Not to mention you'll earn hundreds of dollars in Cashback from all your projects. No matter what the project, you can be saving money on all your supplies!

In order to take full advantage of the possible savings from these stores, you have to make sure your browser has the Extension called ShopBuddy. If you haven't heard of this free tool yet, learn more about it here



Learn more about ShopBuddy and how to save money on all our your upcoming projects check out our previous blog hereTo download ShopBuddy today, simply go to: Shop•com

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Happy Saving!


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