Retail Store Closings: 2016

With technology on the rise and record setting Online Retail numbers for 2015, big box stores and beginning to close up shop in local areas. Not only do they recognize that millions of people are spending billions of dollars online, retailers are also seeing less traffic in their stores. 


Big retailers are now giving their customers more incentive to shop online than ever before. Cyber Monday, for example, there was over $3 Billion in purchases online. That's a lot of money spent in ONE DAY!

"Mobile traffic accounted for nearly half of all online traffic and 27.6% of all online sales Monday, which is up more than 25% from last year, according to IBM Watson Trend, which tracks millions of transactions on retail websites. Online sales increased 17.8% Monday compared to the same day in 2014, IBM says."

With big box stores moving online, you will start to see hundreds of stores begin to close their doors in your locations. Plans are already in place for 2016. Many stores like, Macy's, Target, Office Depot, Gap, Aeropostale, and even Walmart, have already announced hundreds of store closings.  Here's what some of these stores plan for 2016:

Macy's: 36 Stores (4500 positions will be eliminated)
Walmart: 154 Stores in U.S. (269 Worldwide)
Walgreens: 200 Stores
Sears: 50 Stores
Finish Line: 150 Stores
Aeropostale: 175 Stores
Barnes & Noble: 223 Stores

With consumers switching to mobile shopping and being able to shop at anytime from their home (24/7), Retailers are changing with the new era of consumer spending. People are saving time, money and aggravation buy leveraging Internet shopping. Comparison shopping sites like Shop•com are making it easier for people to find what they want at the best price, without ever leaving their home. 


Times are changing, and you will continue to see the major growth & evolution of Internet/Mobile commerce.     

For a full list of Store Closings 2016:

Retail Closings: 
Walmart Closings: 
Cyber Monday: 


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