The Era of Entrepreneurship

We are in a period of time where there are more opportunities than ever before to become an Entrepreneur. 

The one thing that is making this more accessible than ever before is the Smart Phone. Social Media, YouTube, and the Internet are giving the young and the old an opportunity to create a business around their interests. If you are passionate and can offer a valuable product or service to your audience you can WIN online. 

No longer is Entrepreneurship reserved for the elite or those with a big bank account. The resources are accessible to everyone, and you can grow your business at all hours of the day. Times have changed and the Internet has opened an entire gateway to growing a business during the "after hours" of normal business hours. 

You use to have to quit your job and go "full-time" in developing your new business. This isn't the case anymore. What's the price you have to pay for freedom and success today? Giving up The Game of Thrones, watching The Voice, and going out bowling three days a week with your work friends. Today, you can work 9am-5pm at your job, go home, have dinner, play with your kids, and work from 9pm-2am on growing your business. 

{ Being an Entrepreneur doesn't mean that you are going to be the next Zuckerberg }

No one told you that you were going to become a billionaire or even a millionaire. But, what if you could earn $75,000/year doing what you love and control your own schedule/day? How much are your dreams worth?

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to mean that you have to create some wild idea and pitch it to VC's. There are too many people pitching ideas, getting millions in investments and then sitting on the beach or going skiing while their business fails. 

If you could take back your life and earn a living by giving up a few simple things temporarily, would you do it? What's been holding you back? 

The time is NOW, and there has never been a better time.


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