The Social Media Culture

Do all of your customers know that you’re on social media?

You spend a lot of time creating awesome content, but no one is seeing it. Many business owners / professionals forget that you have to PROMOTE your profiles. If you want to increase your following and engagement on your pages, you will also want to consider the power of promoting your profile(s) while you’re out and about doing business.

You are communicating with your customers every day. This is the perfect opportunity to also encourage them to engage with you ONLINE. If you can successfully bring those relationships online to your social media platforms, you will see a major increase in your engagement and overall success!

Here are some questions to ask and possible suggestions to take your OFFline relationships and bring them ONline:

Do your marketing pieces (emails / flyers) also include your social media handles or logos?

Do you have links in your email, logos on your trucks, are your social media handles on your menu / sign / business card / etc.?

Do you run campaigns / promotions offline that encourage / requires your customers or potential customers to engage with you on Social Media?

Share and Like our page, right a review / recommendation to be entered into a raffle…etc.

Take a picture of your recent purchase, tag our business / completed service and receive 10% off your next order…or get a FREE branded swag item (Sweatshirt / T-Shirt, etc.)

These aren’t exact sciences – each strategy will be unique to your business. However, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with your customers and continue to find ways to engage with them!

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